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1st season - 22nd episode (The Tree of Life)

"Next morning Lara met Atlas in the lanes of London. She asked him about how did he found out about the tree's location. Last time she believed it was under the pyramid in Egypt which wasn't there. Atlas answered that there was the Tree of Life before but now it's dead since the devil stole it like it was in the ancient book Alvis shared with Lara before. Atlas reminded Lara a story about the Queen Elixir that he was telling her when she was a child. The tree that they are looking for is copy of the first Tree of Life. Atlas told Lara that he found the seeds once from that first tree. The seeds couldn't bring life for new trees so Atlas found a way to make one seed to give birth of the next Tree of Life. Lara asked her uncle about the lab in Himalayas. Atlas answered that he used that lab for bioengineering. With that help he made a new Tree of Life that was stolen from him by Joseph Evert. And now Atlas wants to get it back. He told Lara that the tree should be in Paris in one of Evert's bank. Lara told Atlas that she will prepare her team for this but Atlas insisted that she needs to go only with him and they don't need a team. He advised her to dress up to be look like a rich client for a cover. Lara asked her uncle if he knew that Joseph is alive. He answered that he started to suspect that since Joseph's daughter Amanda came to London before. Later that day Lara with her uncle Atlas came to Paris. When they reached Evert's bank, Lara's darkside woke up and possessed Lara. Atlas along with his niece were using a cover to enter the bank. Then Lara reminded Atlas that he needs to act too. When their cover was blown they both were having a fight with the security guards. After they made a way through, Atlas found the door to the vault. He opened the door with the security card and then they both came in. There Lara and Atlas found the Tree of Life. Atlas surprised that the tree grew up so fast and already can give the elixir. Lara asked her uncle if this tree is a copy then what are the chances that the elixir will affect the same at it was the original tree. Altas answered that he made the results back in 1995 when he was working with the seeds. Then went the alarm and the shutters of the vault opened so the sun could shine. The fact is the original tree was growing under the sun but this copy of the tree can't survive the sun. Atlas didn't expect that so he decided to hack the shutters. After his success the shutters closed and Atlas's hand got burned but then the skin regenerated. Lara told her uncle that he was smelling a chicken. Then they left the vault to find out who triggered the alarm. It was Joseph Evert. He asked Lara and Atlas to sit down but they both refused. Atlas asked Joseph about the tree that already grew up. Joseph answered that he was examining the tree of it's possibilites. He also told Atlas that he did an upgrade on this tree so it could work just like the original tree. Joseph told Atlas that this is his passion project. While Lara was looking at Joseph her darkside reminded Lara that she was her uncle's puppet after all. Then Lara told Joseph that she killed Amanda. Those words put Joseph in a shock. Atlas was proud of his niece and then called his men to come and retrieve the tree along with it's elixir. Meanwhile Alvis was walking on the streets of London only to be captured by the SWAT troops..."

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