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One of the main issues it will be in the script. To have the classic title, the original TR4 title must be disabled in options, like: "Title = DISABLED" but this will mess up with the script configuration, a explanation of what happens:

The first level has the title level configuration
The second level has the first level configuration
The third level has the second level and so on...
To be more specific:

Let's say in your first level you have a Cutscene command enabled, as you know, this command disables Lara's movements. When you load the level where the command is nothing will change and Lara will be able to move freely, but when going to the next level you will see that Lara won't be able to move because the level will have the previous level script configuration. The cause of it is unknown and I don't know how to fix it, it still can be used but only if you have patience to re-configure each level correctly.

There are some other minor issues too:
When pressing the inventory key in the title, the inventory will be closed but it will be instantly opened again. This may be fixable if you know how to disable the inventory key while you are in inventory, I've already tried the Flip effect command that disable the inventory usage, sadly it didn't worked for this occasion. This "bug" may not cause any problem though...

If you exit to title from the passport, the game will crash if you have a [Title] instead of a [Level] in your title configuration, but after changing it and exit again you will be stuck in the title level, unless you press pause and exit from there. This is fixable with a CINV_CUSTOM_ACTION though.
(If someone knows any method to fix those issues it would be helpful and appreciated.)

At least the setup for TR1-TR3 title is quite easy.
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