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Smile Stuff they left out

Everyone knows how in AOD they skipped the leveling up system due to time limitations and we got the "move box to feel stronger" strange situations. But i feel in TR there are also some stuff like that. For example the first level, when lara says she is hungry and you need to hunt a deer. its kind of a big deal and has a scene for it and i thought " oh so i must hunt food every now and then as part of the game" but actually you can ignore all animals from that level until the end of the game. feels like there are some left over ideas that were cut off as the game delayed and the focused on other struff. oh well, at least the graphics engine didn't have any problems like the previous games...
Yall know of any other stuff that needed to be in the game but eventually removed and has leftovers or clues in the game for them?
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