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Default Order of rings

2nd question! How do we change the order of the rings? Like forcing misc1 ring on top, etc.

I have some Key combo items in the Misc2 ring, and it shows up on the top.

I want the Misc1 ring to show up on top of that, with some Puz combos in it, but it's 2nd from the top, under Misc2.

The weird part is, I swapped the names, and the Key combos still show up in the ring above the puz combos. Is ring order determined by the items in the ring?

Hopefully I'm just missing a simple command as usual

*UPDATE* I clearly just tested it incorrectly, it looks like Misc4 is always at the top, followed down by Misc3, 2, etc. So this is exactly as I expected and works perfectly for my needs
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