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I personally still follow the product loosely, but I felt like so few people were commenting here that I stopped checking the thread.

As a result the only place I discuss it regularly is twitter, but it put me at an awkward position where I either watch the show live and discuss it live or I just catch up on everything the next day by reading the timeline. Occasionally I catch up on the show first and then comment on my page, but by that time it's just me talking to myself. It sucks to live in Europe in this regard. The show airs from 2 am till 5 for me, which I just cannot follow live when I have work in the morning.

I still try to watch at the very least the PPV events and I also catch up on NXT every week, but Raw and SD are passes for me these days. I only look up a match or a segment if my mutuals on Twitter are praising it.
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