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Eternals apparently sucks, but I still hope that one day some director can take a "personal / indie" approach on TR, respecting the established character / story or c.

I say this, because Chloe Zhao was a indie director and then she jumps into a damn Marvel movie (which I'm not a fan by the way).
Villeneuve is another "auteur" director and mainstream at the same time. And there are many such cases.

Even Luc Besson could have had his shot: chicks with guns (The Professional, Anna, La Femme Nikkita) + archeology / isoteric / supernatural stuff (5th Element, Adele Blanc-Sec) + stylish realism (The Big Blue)

They'll just need faith in the material, they've already tried the "block buster" approach three times and somehow failed on all of them (except for AJ fans who consider those movies to be the TR adaptations, and Anjelina as the real Lara )
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