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There's no hint in the official artbook that the Yaaxil are ALL women ... it's only in Lara's translation in that cutscene, and budding Tomb Raiders might make mistakes, y'know!

Though the figures on the left look somewhat suggestive, like men with more 'female' body shapes.

But the final, half-starved look makes them much creepier. Btw, cutting off the breasts wouldn't alter sex hormones, you'd have to mess with the base machinery. Also, the faces look mostly male, or they could be 70+ years old 'warrior' ladies..

Meaning, I see the guy-who-tried-to-prove-them-male's point. Personally, a supernatural origin story scares me less than what they appear to be.

According to the Wikipedia article, Chak Chel/Ixchel are names for the same Mayan goddess, an old woman; "in the past", she's also been associated with the classical moon goddess, depicted as a young woman. The snake and moon iconography in Lara's headdress is a mishmash of the two. Also,

Ixchel as an earth and a war goddess

... crossed bones may adorn her skirt, and instead of human hands and feet, she sometimes has claws... More in particular, the jaguar goddess Ixchel could be conceived as a female warrior, with a gaping mouth suggestive of cannibalism...

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