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Originally Posted by 2001LC20 View Post
I am not even talking about gameplay! But the story the setting character etc. I am saying they should be innovative! They shouldn't say "this is not very TR(or LC) we can not do it!" "we can't show this!" they shouldn't have boundaries! They should take risks try new things not Go explore a beautiful place take the artifact save the world kill the bad guy save the princess and everlasting happiness! (Only some simple examples)

Shadow looks super interesting so far! I am very hopeful for what they are doing. Same thing should go on after the trilogy.

Originally Posted by 2001LC20 View Post
1)Calm down! Lol hold your horses!

2)I didn't say they did good so far quite good for a video game but could be better which Shadow promises, that child and of course child sacrifices

3}It doesn't have anything to do with a movie or more cutscenes or rather a cinematic experience.

4)Play an adventure game instead then! No one forces you.

So Point 4 there doesn't exist?

Also they have been the exact opposite of Innovative this entire time.

For Crying out loud Shadow's premise is TR4, but in a Jungle like those two levels of Underworld everyone likes ,but now ITS DRAMATIC AND CINEMATIC WITH CHILDREN DYING TO TUG AT YOUR HEART STRINGS!!!!

oh yeah and they stole Far cry and batman's takedowns, because thats what I want in a TR game.
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