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I joked when the preview appeared, but I do think it is supposed to be Maui, since he is a mythical Polynesian hero, and Jonah, who is of Polynesian descent, is saving Lara. Add that to the fact that Lara, who his an mythology geek, is tripping balls, it's safe to assume her drugged brain would join the two figures together.
Thanks again for the reply, I'm going to look up more about Maui. As I don't know anything about him. For me the Maui look digital, as if the Tree held digital information of people.

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It would also tie well together with the "different cultures defining the same principal of "God" in different ways" aspect of this whole arc.
Every time I look at the new Tomb Raider series, I go back and think of Assassin's Creed Lore. I believe that in this Tomb Raider series, that God are the people that was there before current humans.

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Which again, it's why I want this writing team back, even for the next games. I know many of you didn't like this issue (okay, I admit Jonah looking for Lara was a bit far fetch, but it is true to character, and Lara carrying Jonah was silly), but the writing in this whole arc is just in another level.
From the looks of it, it seems that we have to play the waiting game. It looks like Dark Horse still has the Tomb Raider License, and the trio wants to continue working together.
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