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Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Lara’s relatability should only come from any coincidental traits you and her share. I relate to classic Lara because we have a similar humor, dryness, and a love for adventure (this one goes for reboot Lara too of course). There’s more reasons, but that’s a start. That relatability comes because we coincidentally have something in common, making her “relatable”, and I can enjoy her more.
Definitely, I've always felt this. Like how DmC 2013's Dante starts off being a wicked sick power fantasy, then soon enough he opens up about being a loner type with trust issues, that bit being relatable means so much more than if they made him an "every man" like Nathan Drake. At the end when he doubts who he is anymore, it has way more impact than if he was emotionally doubtful for the first 75% of the game. Same applies to Lara in Cradle of Life - she's cool, likeable and badass, someone who you want to be like, then when she's speechless, teary and at an motional disadvantage at the end with Terry, the impact again is so much stronger.

So yes, I like my characters to be a power fantasy where some of their personality traits happen to align with mine, and that being what makes them relatable is perfect.
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