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Hi there, here comes a newcomer with lots of years over his shoulders as a player (I will always hate the word 'gamer', sorry) but quite few experience in the modding world.

Using Windows 10, your injector works fine (mostly). Got working the cheats, the widescreen hack, and no problems with sound.

BUT now comes the thing with the textures. I'm afraid that maybe because of being total noob on this, I DON'T HAVE A CLUE ON WHICH IS THE SWITCH KEY. So, I cannot dump anything, and I cannot change any texture (if I know what I'm doing, and no, I'n not sure of that)

Seriously thank you. It would be sooooo great to play and finally finish this game after so many years with this tool and now that I'm not pirating it (thanks to Humble Bundle) <3

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