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trngdll & NG Scripter
(Released 20 November 2008)

trngdll, NG Scripter
  • With this latest update, it's now possible use new fonts with bigger definitions than with the old tomb4 font. The font has been stored in new obect (sprite) named FONT_GRAPHICS. To use the new font just copy this object into the desired wad file with wadmerger. To update wad merger to recognize the new object just copy the two files TR4Objects.dat and Objects.h into the folder where you installed the latest version of WadMerger. The objects.h file also has to be copied into your TRLE folder to replace the previous version. These two files are stored in the Font Sample Project file linked above. Included in the download is an example illustrating how to use the new font and also new triggers to scroll and to show text.
  • Fixed bug about double width characters used in savegame screen. In previous version using in [title] level the command - TextFormat= IGNORE,IGNORE,IGNORE, SC_DOUBLE_WIDTH - the texts in load savegame screen were overlapped in a bad way. Now, setting the double width the texts are correctly aligned. However the info about game time has to be removed using the new customize: CUST_NO_TIME_IN_SAVELIST constant, since it is not possible to store all the information (SaveNumber / level Name/ DateSavegame) in a single row using double characters.
  • Fixed bug: when the game was started in setup mode it sometimes crashed.
  • Added two FT_ flags for TextFormat= script command to locate text in two new prefixed zones of screen:
    FT_UNDER_LEFT_BARS (for top left corner, avoiding default bars)
    FT_UNDER_RIGHT_BARS (for top right corner, avoiding default bars)
  • Added new trng font features. Now you can set different fonts with most definitions (single char up to 42x42 pixel as source) than old tomb raider font. The new font is stored in new sprite object named FONT_GRAPHICS and you can find it, with information about its usage, in Font Sample Project linked above.
  • Added new tool in Tool panel of NG_Center program to edit the new Fonts. Using this tool you can import from Windows fonts list a font and import it into your FONT_GRAPHICS object quickly. This tool allows you to also set some graphic characters to mix with text. Click on [Help] button in Font Editor window for more information.
  • Fixed bug: with some screen resolutions there was a misalignment between text of keypad (digits: "4848") and keypad object.
  • Added new FT_ constants for TextFormat command: FT_SIZE_MICRO_CHAR and FT_SIZE_ATOMIC_CHAR.
  • Different to other ft_size constants these settings ignore all shape and preset size of current font and they force characters to be of same size: squared (microcar) or high rect (atomic) and very small. Remark: the micro car is the same font size used to show digits in Keypad switch.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger to show a vertical scrolling text: "Text. Vertical Scrolling of ExtraNG <&>string with (E) speed" Remark: about the speed type you can choose between "Abs" and "Prop" groups. The "abs" is for "absolute" and this speed always moves the text with a perfect multiple or divisor by "1". The advantage with "abs" speed is that the movement flows more smoothly. On the other hand, the abs doesn't consider the current screen resolution, so in high resolution the speed will appear more slowly, while, with same speed setting, the effective speed with low resolution will be faster. The "prop" speed is the opposite. "Prop" is for "proportional" and the speed increment will be updated according to curret screen resolution. The advantge is that the effective speed will be always the same with all resolutions, but the movement could be a bit uneven in some circumstances; this depends on rounding of floating point values of Y coordinate.
  • Added new global trigger constant: GT_VSCROLL_COMPLETE, to detect when a scrolling text operation has been completed.
  • Added new global trigger constant: GT_VSCROLL_LAST_VISIBLE, to detect when a scrolling text showed on screen is also the last row. This global trigger may be used to create a chain of different scrolling text to simulate a multisize/multicolor scrolling text.
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