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(Released 25 November 2008)

  • Added flipeffect "Text. Vertical Scolling of ExtraNG <&>string with (E)formatting data". The difference with the other flipeffect for scrolling text is that using the formatting data for scrolling you can also create a column with scrolling non-centered text placed in any X point of screen. Just to type valid values for X_Position and Y_Position in Parameters=PARAM_PRINT_TEXT
  • Added flipeffect "Text. Horizontal Scrolling of ExtraNG <&>string with (E)formatting data". You can have sliding text strips in any y position of screen.
  • Fixed bug in WindowTitle= script command. The bug used wrong text and in some circumstances could create other problems.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Lara. (Move) Move Lara in LARA_START_POS with <&>OCB value in (E)way", Lara was no longer able to go back to the same room from where she had started the movement.
  • Changed the fogend value for distance fog. In previous version the FogEnd value (internal setting in directx) was set with same value of WorldFarView limit, while now the LevelFarView value is assigned to the FogEnd. The difference is that now you can set different values for FogEnd, level for level, since the LevelFarView might be changed for each level, while the WorldFarView can be set only once in [Options] section. The effective working of this new feature should be verified because I've had problems detecting the difference.
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