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Full Installer and TRNG Updater
(Released 5 January 2009)

Due to difficulties with the numbers of TRNG and NG Scripter files around and subsequent crashing problems caused by file mixing and incompatability issues, Paolone has put together a full installer for the TRNG and an Updater. Simply download the full installer and this will put all the latest files into their respective folders for you. Then download the updater to keep up to date with any recent patches.

Full Installer
TRNG Updater

  • Added in NG_Center new Updates panel. In Updates panel you can check for availability of new updates for TRNG tools only clicking a button.
  • Created a new update installer program to install the new updates while performing a check at the same time regarding incompatibility issues between your trle folder and your TRNG tools. You will be adivsed if errors are detected by installer program.
  • Fixed bug: (second attempt) when you used "Customize=CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, ENABLED" to preserve the body of dead enemies from disappearing, and you killed by explosion some enemey, the dead enemy, after save/load savegame, appeared newly in game, still, but yet visibile.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect: "Lara. (Move) Move Lara in LARA_START_POS with <&>OCB value in (E)way", lara ended up very often in the walls.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: in Set Trigger Type window, some LARA_START_POS object was missing in the list.
  • Fixed bug in option TRB_SELECTIVE_VIEW of Turbo= command. The hiding of static objects placed at back of current view camera sometimes didn't work. This bug happened when the static had the pivot (x,y,z origin) very far from effective visibility box and the static had been placed in ngle with a facing orientation different than default.
    Now trng is able to handle all facing and differences of pivot, anyway when the facing chosen has not a 90 degrees step the compute could be a bit slower, so if it's not strictly necessary, it's better to place the statics with facing of: 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees, to enhance performance.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: in some circustances the [Move Lara Here] button didn't remove the Lara to previous position.
  • Added new Condition: "Random. Condition is true with <#>chances on 64 computed in (E)way"
  • With this condition you can introduce random interactivity in game, choosing a probability value to perform or less the triggers on same sector of Random condition.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE: in Set Trigger Type window ngle refused a new trigger with message: "ERROR: Cannot overlap special triggers" also in improper situations.
  • Fixed bug in Diagnostic mode. When you enabled diagnostic and show text with flyby using commands:
  • Diagnostic= ENABLED ;in [Options] section and Customize= CUST_TEXT_ON_FLY_SCREEN,ENABLED ;in [Level] section the diagnostic messages about flyby showed an error in sequence ("Seq=") value.
  • Fixed bug: in previous version there was a problem about usage of trigger with FLYBY type. The current version will correct by itself every project when you'll load it. If ngle will be not able to fix the problem, NGLE will show a log about the position of trigger to fix.
  • Fixed bug in [Trigger -> Object] button. In previous versions the [Trigger->Object] button was not able to locate a Flyby camera starting from a FLYBY type trigger.
  • Fixed bug about Title project. The default title project used a format for FLYBY trigger different than new format used in NGLE. The old trigger format was not able to trigger the second flyby sequence. Now the title project will be converted to new FLYBY trigger format when you'll load it in NGLE.
  • Fixed bug in Parallel Bar management. If you set a custom exiting animation using a change state id in animation 462 with state id 129, to point to your exit custom animation, your custom animaton was performed only at start but then the code forced the animation 95.
  • Fixed bug about FAN_KEEP_NEXT_STATEID fan flag of Animation script command. In previous version the engine performed the FAN_KEEP_NEXT_STATEID fan in opposite way.
  • Fixed bug about flipeffect: "Lara. (Weapons) Disarm Lara in <&>way". If, after above flipeffect, lara found another weapon (like shotgun, uzi ect) and she shot until ending the ammo, the engine gave back to lara the pistols hence they were missing in inventory.
  • Added CUST_CAMERA constant for Customize= script command. With CUST_CAMERA you can change distance, and horizontal and vertical facing of standard cameras: chase camera and combat camera.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Camera. Change camera mode with <&>Parameters for (E)time". With this flipeffect you can change temporarily the inquadrature of lara (view of camera) for the required time.
  • Added PARAM_SET_CAMERA constant per Parameters script command. The PARAM_SET_CAMERA used to store the data required by new flipeffect "Camera. Change camera mode with <&>Parameters for (E)time"
  • Restored backward compatibility about old savegame format. In last versions of trng the internal savegame format had been changed to host more flipmaps and moveable data. For this change trng was not able to load old savegames. Now it has been added a check to support the old savegame format. However this backward compatibility works only when trng finds tomb raider files non-NG, i.e. files created with default tomb raider tools instead of new TRNG tools.
  • Fixed bug about parallel-bar object: in previous version lara was able to extract weapons (pistols) while she was turning hanged to parallel bar.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center: in some circustance NG_Center broke the building with error message "Overflow"
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