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Originally Posted by PTCC View Post
hi Guys I am the proud admin of the Playstation Collectors Club group. I, no, we love playstation 1, we have been chasing our childhood for years, games are not just games, this is our childhood memories, memories of old times. But I'm not only admin of the group, I also do projects to games that didn't exist and we still had them, like Thrill Kill. I am attached to these projects with my heart and sacrifice my free time and design a cover, instructions for the game but not only that, the cd has a black data side like the original games and besides the game there is also a box and goodies to collect. I don't do this for a profit, but distribute the games in the group at cost price, never outside. I am really looking forward to Tomb Raider Unfinished Business and especially to working with b122251. Tomorrow I'll report to the projects with pictures, I'm sitting in the bathtub: P
I've joined the group, eagerly awaiting the listing!

Are you planning on doing the same for TR2: The Golden Mask?
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