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Hello, and thank you for your wonderful patch that allowed me to brush the dust off my 10 year old Tomb Raider disc and play it on Windows 7 x64 without hassle! Well almost .

I had a few problems at first, but I was able to resolve them with some patience. The issue was that when the game transitioned from stage to stage, or resumed from a load, the video would freeze up. Sometimes if I alt-tabbed and re-maximized, this would fix it. Other times, it would just show a low-resolution window stretched across the screen with no video, just black. The game was still playing but the video was missing, I could still hear my character moving around and sounds playing but no video. I was determined to fix my issue, so I did some research and discovered that the patch is using a custom build of DOSBox v0.73 that allows renderers that the official build does not.

The bug is with DOSBox v0.73, I was able to resolve my issue by updating DOSBox to v0.74. Not the official build but the builds that enable direct3d and glide found on This version is much more stable over v0.73, and I've had zero issues after updating. I strongly urge a v1.7 patch using this version of DOSBox! It even correctly shows the "Eidos" intro correctly and has a fancy new 3DFX logo splash screen.

I included a link with the updated DOSBox files. Just extract and overwrite the files in C:\tombraider and we're off to the races. I only included the files that needed updating, plus a few I wasn't sure about. The shortcuts to load the game provided with the patch still work perfectly. Again thanks for your wonderful patch and I hope that the file I provided will aid you in your next release.

On a side note: I configured the dosbox.conf to have a default resolution of 1280x1024. Users with older monitors may have to change that line if their monitor does not support it. My monitor's max resolution is 1920x1080, but widescreen resolutions do not scale well, so this is the closest I could get to the "best" graphics possible. The other settings in the config file I duplicated from the config file that came with the 1.6 patch.

Edit: Also, I noticed the game has some lag when exploring open areas. After some more messing around, I noticed the default CPU cycles in DOSBox config included with the 1.6 patch is 50000, bumping it up to "fixed 68500" is the bare minimum I could find to get no frame loss. I did not include this change in the file I uploaded. I'm not sure how intensive DOSBox is with system resources, so I don't know if users with slower machines will benefit from this change. I'm running a 2500K at 4.8Ghz so CPU power is no issue .

Edit 2: Unfortunately, after updating DOSBox the FMV sequences are once again corrupted for me (black screen, skipping sound). The FMV patch corrected this for me, but it doesn't seem to work with the newer version of DOSBox.

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