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Originally Posted by annl View Post
Looks amazing so far!

Quick question, have you pretty much already made most of the textures and are now simply applying them to levels one at a time now?
Thank you!

No! While I'm making the textures I'm constantly applying to the game and see how it looks, this way I can see if everything fits well, and I can make the necessary adjustments...

Originally Posted by McPherson View Post
I think this is a great idea, as long as you double check with a legal expert if this would definitely not be seen as copyright infringement. Although not likely, would be terrible to have this project blocked for such reason.

As you hinted at, I think you should go for smaller pledges in order to reach out to the many people. If the bar is set too high, it will just turn people away.

And one more note - since one fifth of the game is almost finished, maybe you should consider including The Lost Artifact in the campaign as well.

Hope this helps
Yeah, I'm preety sure I'll not having legal issues! I'm not distributing copyrighted material, I'm making MY version of the textures to be used in the game. It is a separeted thing!

Yeah, I'm thinking in pledges like U$1, U$2 and U$3 respectivately.

Thank you for your opinion!
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