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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Lara’s relatability should only come from any coincidental traits you and her share. I relate to classic Lara because we have a similar humor, dryness, and a love for adventure (this one goes for reboot Lara too of course). There’s more reasons, but that’s a start. That relatability comes because we coincidentally have something in common, making her “relatable”, and I can enjoy her more.

If you have a character so ridiculously bland and boring with no flavor, and all for the sake of trying your hardest to make her relatable to everyone, you lose a chance at an interesting character. I’m not saying reboot Lara is bland or any of that, so don’t take it as a shady comment, but I’m saying I think they should take risks with her character and do things that they’re unsure of the reception for.

In my own honest opinion, reboot Lara has a lot of potential and is pretty good as she is, but she lacks the inspiration and awesome factor classic Lara gives and shows. I know others don’t agree and like her as she is, but she needs work for me to be totally content.
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