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It show's how easy Nvidia is huh. I've had similar wonders in my own Intel GMA graphics when it comes to TR games.

My suggestion - download regmagik (small portable registry editor).

Within, search "Legend". You'll get results that point to it's graphics settings/folders, there should only be one result of that type, and directory wise it'll be nearby to any other CrystalD games. I'm fairly sure there will be an antialiasing key inside the Legend folder. If it's value is 0, set it to 1. (or if the opposite, do the opposite). Sometimes that small change than force certain settings to turn on ingame. These keys tend to look like "ENABLE_ANTIALIASING" etc..

Most would tell you to backup your registry first but, you're looking to only change 1 value that is in no way detremental to your system so not much point. If you do somehow corrupt the Legend installation because of it, don't try to add Registry keys back in, just uninstall and reinstall.
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