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Originally Posted by Forges2204 View Post
Does anyone know where I can gat advice about playing multiplayer online, such as why I can't hear audio by other players, are r level 60 players really that good or have they got unfair advantage eg weapons,more life etc?
How long to build up decent level?
The absence of the audio of others could be your default setting. If not, check in the lobby, if they have an active microphone or not. The speaker icon should be white when it's active, grey when it's not. If the other players doesn't have one, there the speaker icon won't pop before their names.

Weapons: every map has their speacial bow and a minigun. They're the most powerful weapons, they have their ususal spwaning spots. (easy to learn which ones)
The guns, that you owe, can be upgraded via salvages and killing players. (skill points) A correctly upgraded weapon is everything, especially if you can use it.
There are also skills, that can be activated for your character (for example, I've chosed the leaving a mine, when I die.)
Keep in mind, the multiplayer is buggy so there are moments when your shot doesn't count, or just one shot and you're done.

As for leveling up: it shouldn't take long, if you play with a friend, who let's you win.
Level 60 doesn't mean they're that good, but they're certainly owerpowered when it comes to a lower level. (like me, who stopped at 30)
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