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Originally Posted by BlueCake View Post
I always liked these two rooms, specially the ice one. I recall having snow in it, felt so random and surreal it kinda reminded me of the classic games, i think Mexico from Wii/PS2 is a little more fun than what we got in the HD versions.
Yeah, I remember liking the ice section a lot too! And also thinking "this is better than the PS3 rooms."

Originally Posted by OrangeJuice View Post
see there's so much more


and again, i struggle to see how some of these "adjustments" were introduced to get the game to run on older hardware because the areas are not smaller nor are they emptier, they're literally just different (ex: the main temple area in thailand is much more vertical than it is in the pc/xbox360/ps3 version but it is by no means smaller and it takes you through an entirely different route.
Again I'm completely speculating, but I would guess that Buzz Monkey built a lot of the environments from scratch. That would explain why the levels are structured so differently. It wasn't a matter of taking the next gen version and reducing the detail until it was PS2 compatible, but rather recreating what Crystal were in the process of making. Of course a ton of resources would have been shared between projects (pretty much all the assets save for models), but much of what Buzz Monkey created would have been original. Again, that's speculation...or educated guess.
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