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TReboot is (honestly) one of my favourite games of the series, but I don't like either Rise or Shadow all that much. I've thought a lot about why and have concluded that it was the setting and story of TReboot that I enjoyed rather than the gameplay. Not that I thought it was bad, it just isn't what has engaged me with the game tbh. So for that reason I wouldn't make any sort of stylistic changes.

I really don't agree about the music. Nightwish is very... 2006. Orchestral is definitely the way to go these days, but I would lean back on the classic theme more. The TReboot theme is a pretty nice inversion of it, but I think they could have used it a bit more.

As far as story is concerned, I would leave that as is, although I think Lara having to kill Sam at the end would have been a nice touch to the ending, particularly since Sam is never seen again in future games. She wasn't needed to survive.

I half-agree with your thoughts on levels. I think a TR4 approach would have been cool, with the ability to jump back and forth between levels and maybe have to double back on them.

What would I change? I would diversify the platforming more. Post-Core TR games have effectively been climbing games which I find a bit blergh. Although the Core model of running and jumping probably wouldn't cut it in today's industry. I would have liked more interactions with the environment e.g. being able to move objects about and use them to climb. Also, the usual request: more puzzles. TReboot doesn't really have any headscratchers IMO apart from the room with the windows and bells.

But as I said at the start, the issue for me is more what Rise and Shadow did wrong, not TReboot.
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