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*Digging up old thread time*

I think the orchestral metal idea is interesting. Not my kind of music so I probably wouldn't like it tbh, but I agree it would be extremely distinctive and stand out. Hardly any games have iconic soundtracks anymore.

I love your ideas for the story overall. I think making Lara and Sam lovers and having Lara need to put Sam down would be so tragic it would be an impactful story. Even if they didn't have the balls to make them lesbians and just kept them as friends it's still so much better than the story we got. I always thought they should have bumped Sam off, I guess they didn't want to take the story that dark.

Lara picking up Roth's dual pistols is really a no-brainer. I have no idea why CD didn't take that opportunity, it was so blatant it looked like a good moment for her to get them. So many people have said that on here before too, that should have been the moment.

As far as her outfit, just out of interest, why maroon? I think it's interesting actually, it's a nice change to see a video game character not wearing boring neutral colours. I'm rather fond of Shadow Lara's dark blue shirt though, grossly ill-fitting as it is.

Gameplay is fine, love all that, especially your idea for learning new skills.

I'll also add that we need a voice actress who better embodies Lara.
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