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Question Complete Privacy When Browsing my Home Internet

I hope someone has solid answers to what I want to explain.

At home, our internet (ethernet) actually comes from my brother's house who is at Ground 3, and we are the ground floor.

My ethernet is connected to his modem/ router (whatever it is called) through a cable and we split the bill each month between us.

So basically speaking, traffic data passes through him, and if his internet goes out I will also be out of internet and not the opposite.

Few days ago, he called me and asked if this is my IP which he has noticed has consumed alot of the download/upload limit.

So he told me to open youtube and try any video; and when I did, he said, yes that is your IP, it has turned active and is consuming data.

I don't know what exactly he saw and on what (he is not an IT at all), I don't know if he saw whether I was on youtube or he just saw a sign that I am active...but I felt like I was being spied on, or there could be a possibility that he wants to start spying.

It still could be that he wants to monitor the downloading capacity because our bill is being high each month

Anyway, is the way we setup our connections means that he can see what I actually do on the internet, and see which websites I visit, my job applications, my social media profiles etc...?

If so, how can I protect myself.

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