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However, I noticed that on Martin's Twitter profile, the tweet with the demo photo is no longer present.
I don't know when he deleted it, but I know why and you probably will too.
If you thought that hell broke loose only when that huge handicapped TRExpert was in the Forum, you are very wrong: he still has the balls to harass him on Twitter.

Dear TRExpertGamer,
I know that you are lurking in the Forum, since you can't fortunaly access it, please read this beautiful message next time you come here to visit.
My asking to users if they know anything new does not mean that I want the demo, and you, since you don't understand a blessed ****, just piss off Martin by telling him that the users in Tomb Raider Forums want the demo. Do you think he should care about this?
If you now wonder why his tweet is gone, it's just your fault.
He doesn't want to release the demo, how the **** do you want to understand? If you hit your head on the wall would you understand?
You can definitely resign yourself.
Now start saying you're innocent, please. You're just an unsavory jerkass, not innocent.
If the chances of release were minimal before, they are now nil.
All thanks to you.
Shame on you.

I still don't understand what Ash and/or Martin are waiting for to file a complaint once and for all.
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