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Default A little look at the classic models

Thanks to aman (the person who developed the model exporter for Tomb Raider 2013), we were finally able to extract the classic models from Rise of the Tomb Raider. Here's a little thread to show how they have been reworked.


TR1 Lara:

TR1 Lara is not actually the real TR1 Lara. Her body is, but her face mesh and texture is from TR2 Lara. This happens for Chronicles Lara too. I have no idea why Crystal Dynamics decided to do this. They were probably in a rush so they didn't bother to use their actual face textures.

TR2 Lara:

TR2 Lara is exactly the same as the skin for Temple of Osiris, you can see the texture is too. The only difference is that this one has the original braid lenght.

TR2 Coat Lara:

This one is also identical. The model is formed by two meshes: One is the main body with the same texture as the default variant, and another is the coat with its own texture. I like what they did here, they made the coat have its own texture to have more detail.

TR5 Chronicles Lara:

As mentioned above, TR5 Lara has TR2's face mesh and texture. The body is completely black (which is made shiny by the game with its shaders).

Also another thing I noticed is that the model is actually more detailed than
the original, which doesn't happen with the other models. It's very weird.

Angel of Darkness Lara:

And, for the end, we have Angel of Darkness Lara. This Lara is the same as the original, you can see it from the geometry. The only difference is that the proportions of the arms have been slightly changed so they would fit Rise Lara's skeleton. It uses the original texture from the original game.

And this is all! I hope you enjoyed this thread. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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