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Lightbulb Getting TRAOD (6) To Run on your PC PERFECTLY!

Well I recently installed TRAOD on my PC and faced some issues, so I created this topic to help people/newcomers like me getting this game working.

Now this became more of a master list too !


Getting and updating TRAOD to work on your PC :

First of all after you install your "Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness" game on your PC You should do the following steps :

1-Install the latest TRAOD Update/Patch (Ver./Build 52) >Tomb Raider Series Multi Patch Download<

2-Configure your game from the launcher.exe and then clicking setup, configure your resolution and quality/effects to maximum (if your PC can handle it, but what PC wouldn't these days ? )

3-Install Sasho's Amazing controls fixes/patches for TRAOD PC, can be found here >Sashos TR6 Enhacement/Fix Patches<

4- You can configure the buttons/controls in game by pressing "ESC" Button on your keyboard to access the menu and then options > controls.

5-More official patches and Information about them can be found >here,Click Me!<

NOTE : Everything should work fine on XP/7/8/8.1 Afaik, I tested it on 8.1 Update 1 and it works flawlessly, it is unplayable without the patch, well mainly the menus.


-Sashos TR6 Modding Project Page
-SLAYER's Ultimate Patch (Graphics etc ...)
-TRJTA's HD Graphics Patches
-High Quality FMVs / Cut-scenes movies by Rewak
-Paris Beta Tutorial Level restored by Sasho!
-Parisian Ghetto Beta Mod - Sasho
-Monstrum Crimescene - Actived Beta Cops - Sasho

-Click4Dylan's TRAOD Patches/Fixes
-Modding, Costumes & Texturing – Discussion
-AOD Mod release thread + Tools for Modding + CHR Files !
-Character files and how to get them ?
-SweetFX Preset Look Here.
-Text Clean Up - By LateRaider

Modding Tools / Softwares:
-Cheats and Developer Menu
-TRAOD Tools List
-CHR Texture Loader/Editor
-Sasho's TR6 Modding Tools
-AOD Text Editor
-TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility (Very Useful)
-TRAOD Updater
-TRAOD Text Editor
-TRAOD Updater by SuiKaze Raider

Other Useful Links :
-The Angel Of Darkness on
-Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness (Steam Page)
-TRAOD, Crashes and Bugs fixes, Disabling VMR9 + More, Here ..

TexMod :
If you want to use TexMod (For texture modding/skinning/mods etc..) with TRAOD refer to this link >TRAOD and TexMod<
And yes it works with Sasho's patched EXE as well

TexMod not working ? steam version ? this quote might be of help ...

Originally Posted by ajrich17901 View Post

Managed to get them working, no one told me I was supposed to remove the P4 exe from the bin folder lol. All I had to do was put the P4 folder in the root aod folder and remove the other one from the bin folder and now it works.

I hope that is all for now, if there is anything I can add please let me know, this will always be updated (hopefully), I want to have a topic with all things required so people wouldn't have to search and look for too long.

Please do not forget to thank the patch/graphical patches authors for their hard work if you use them, they really deserve some thanks :P

I also hope this was not done before therefore a duplicate, if so I hope it get's stickied for benefit

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