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Originally Posted by MilkShakespear View Post
I replayed Underworld and Anniversary on Wii for the exclusive content, and it did not disappoint.

I hear there's exclusive content for the PSP port of Legend, including a multiplayer mode.

To any who have played Legend on PSP and elsewhere, is there anything else different with the PSP game besides the multiplayer aspect?
I had both Anniversary and Legend for PSP, yes there are plus content.

-Few differences in locations (decorations,lightning etc.)
-new music for fighting Takamoto
-Speedrun mode (multiplayer available with new map - Ghana themed)
-Relic collect mode (In the beginning of Bolivia, there are relics to pick up within a time limit, they always spawn at different places; one at the time.)

-New outfits (most of them unlockable only via multiplayer)

My memory might be false on this, but I think there are some additional dialouges too...really, I don't remember.

All in all, TRL is a very decent port, but it has a very weird control scheme...
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