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Default Fun and Stupid Things You've Seen or Done in Classic TR Games

I just had this sudden urge to start a thread about classic tomb raider games. So at that time when We first played those games (TR1-6), there were many odd, funny or stupid things here and there that were either in the games or we tried doing the just for fun. Let's just share those litte fun things as what we used to find odd or funny and what stupid things we tried doing in one of those games. For an example, let me start:

- The fact that TR1 lara could kick ass but not be able to climb simple ladders.

- Opening doors in like TR1-5 games.. Duhhh... Pulling a lever would open a door far far away which doesn't even make any sense at all. You could pull an underwater lever and some trap door may open. I mean what were they thinking lol.

- Before TR4 the locks were like, always separate from the door. They'd be on the wall next to the doors. I mean whyyy?!

- The fact that they introduced crowbars too early in TR3 that opening doors using crowbars reused the insert/place item animation. And the crowbar would be gone. It was later finely implemented in TR4 and 5 where she'd use a rod to open stuff.

- The fire wrath in the air always scared the crap out of me in TR4. That was the worst thing in that game that could lead to death. I mean what did I do. I'm just minding my own business. Go awayyy...

- Don't even get me started on the three ropes you had to swing in the catacombs in TR4. Aggghhhhrrrr!!!!!

- Teen lara sequence from TR5, that part was kinda scary and hilarious. I was like: what the hell is going on around here?!

- Opening a cupboard in TR6 in the Galleries under siege level gave lara the ability to sprint. Bravo Lara!

There are more... But lets hear what you guys say.
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