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I like these type of topics.

A lot of the switches in the Classic games were located in ridiculous areas. For example, to turn off the oven in the kitchen of High Security Compound you have to: enter the bathroom, push some boxes to gain access to a hole in the ceiling, pull a switch to flood the bathroom, enter another hole in the ceiling from the flooded bathroom, and finally pull a switch on the roof to turn off the oven.

Here are some more head-scratching moments:

- The swinging sandbags and crates in Opera House. What is the causing them to swing back and forth like a pendulum non-stop?

- In Diving Area and Offshore Rig, there are switches to open doors located right next to giant underwater fans.

- The fact that most of the henchmen throughout the series are immune to non-human enemies. The most glaring example is the Fiama Nera cultists in Floating Islands not being attached by the jade Xian statues. I even remember reading in the strategy guide that they were suppose to attack the Fiama Nera.

- I always thought Willard's plan in TRIII was pretty dumb and pointless. What was the advantage of becoming a giant mutated spider? Was he able to maintain his intelligence through the mutation? It seems that most of the RX-Tech workers who mutated became mindless monsters and the mutation looked painful.

- In the City of the Dead level, there was a crawl space you couldn't access until you move a dead body out of the way, enter a different crawl space that leads to a lever that opens a trap door that finally allows you to access the crawl space from earlier. Except Lara had enough room to enter the first crawl space in the first place without going through all this trouble.

- Word on the triple rope swinging part in the Catacombs level. Also, there was a rope swinging part while you had to avoid locusts in one of the Cairo levels as well.

- It seemed that Reboot Lara was captured by Trinity on multiple occasions and they let her live instead of disposing of her.
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