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Can somebody explain me like I'm 5 years old how to use this?

I wanted to use the Natla mod, awesome

I went to TheIndra's page.

1- I downloaded the ASI loader, changed the name as required and pasted into the Anniversary folder. Used the non 64 version

2- I downloaded the TRAE menu hook, pasted into Anniversary folder

3- Created a folder called units. I also created a blank txt file named objectlist.txt

4- Downloaded the mod, pasted into units folder. Added the line "959,lara.drm" to the objectlist.txt

5- Started up the game. I see the UI so the menu hook seemly works but i don't see Lara changed. I don't know if i have to do anything else. I also tried downloading Premake but the exe didn't work

EDIT: In case anyone else gets stuck like a dumbass like me, what i did wrong is that i didn't download the objectfile from here

In my defense, i didnt know i had to do that or extract it on my own

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