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TRNG Updater
(Released: 14 December 2016)

See the update functions in NG Center and TRNG Patcher.

NG Center updater (CU-2):

- Changed internal format of TriggerGroup= script command
This mod is not visible, normally, anyway the difference is that now you can have same amount of exported triggers, in a given TriggerGroup, as you had in old versions but only if your triggergroup doesn't include ANY exported trigger from plugins.

It's necessary giving an explanation of above matter.

With release, the script can containing also exported triggers from plugins...
When you export a trigger (from ngle) and this trigger is owned by some plugin, in the exported three values there will be also the Id of plugin, to recognize it from other trng triggers.
To store this extra value I had to increase the size (wide) of numbers in triggergroup command, passing from (old) word (16 bits) to (new) dword (32 bits).
The collateral effect of this change was that, since the max space for triggergroup command is 255 words, the number of values (and therefore, of exported triggers) decreased by half, from 63 exported triggers to 32.
Since that, level builders used triggergroup with more than 33 triggers, with new release, the scripter gave the error: "Too much (many) arguments for TriggerGroup= command", I tried to avoid this problem with this solution: when the scripter discovers that in the triggergroup there is NO trigger from plugin, it will build the triggergroup using newly (as in the past) words. In this way the amount remain the same.
Anyway, when in the triggergroup there is at least one plugin exported trigger, the limitation will come back and the max number of triggers will be about of 33 triggers.

- Changed (a bit) the procedure to unistall a plugin from plugin panel
In release, once you chose to uninstall a plugin, the ng_center restarted, quiting and then launching itself newly.
Now it will be possible choosing if restarting or less NG_Center after the unistalling.
Note: once you uninstalled a plugin, and before launching ng_center newly, the trng system is not safe, for this reason the only one reason to postpone the restarting is if you mean uninstalling another plugin or installing a new plugin. All other operations (omitting the restarting) could have bad results.

- Changed the procedure to install a plugin from NG_Center's plugin panel.
This change is alike the above, about uninstalling.
Now the restarting of NG_Center, after installing of new plugin, can be postponed.
About this choice there is same above speech: the only one reason to postpone the restarting is if you mean uninstalling another plugin or installing a new plugin. All other operations (omitting the restarting) could have bad results.

- Fixed bug about overlapped images
In version, it occurred a crash showing in game a not IF_POP_IMAGE image.

- Fixed bug about FMV videos in SOFT_FULL_SCREEN mode
In past versions, when a fmv, with the game working in full screen mode and Soft full screen setting enabled in tomb4 preferences, was shown, the ration proportion was often wrong, with the video stretched to fit all screen size, ignoring the original video ratio.
Now the original size ratio will be preserved, indifferently by current size of tomb raider (and PC) screen.

- Fixed bug about FMV played in exclusive video mode
In version, when a fmv was played in full screen (omitting the SOFT_FULL_SCREEN setting) then the program, radomly,froze or crashed

- Renamed log of Ng_Tom2pc program
In past versions, after a building, the ng_tom2pc.exe wrote a disk file named "statistics.txt" to trle folder, to show last log.
Anyway, since in the past there were also statistics about memory usage, while then, from some versions, there is only the last building log, the name of this log file it has been changed, to get it more coherent with its content.
Now this file will be named: "NG_Tom2Pc_Last_Log.txt"

- Fixed bug in NG_Center
In 1.5.0 NG_Center version, the Import= script command affected an "Overflow" error message.

- Updated infos about Plugin_Cranes plugin
In the case you had currently installed the Cranes plugin, it will be added a description for input command to drive it.
You'll see the new button in NG_Center's plugin panel when you select Cranes plugin.

- Updated some plugin libraries.
If you installed in NG_Center the plugins: Cleaner, Cranes, Star Wars Robot or MechWarrior, it will be updated their plugin_.dll library to fix a bug in savegame management.

TRNG Patcher updater (PU-2):

- Improved update checking in Trng Patcher program
Now Trng Patcher will be able to detect new info update file on website.

- Some corrections about documentation in "\PLUGIN_SDK_STORE\Help_SDK_Tutorial" folder"

- Fixed bug in "trng.cpp" source.
In AddNGToken() function (to save record data in savegame), when there was an odd amount of bytes, the AddNGToken() function omitted to fix the problem adding another extra byte, giving an "ERROR" message.
Now it will give a "WARNING" message and it will add one extra byte to force even amount of bytes for current savegame record.
Note: it has been updated also the file version for all plugin sources, from 1,0,0,0 to 1,0,0,1

- Updated Plugin Setup Files of Crane.
It has been added a button to show input commands to drive the crane in plugin panel (if crane was installed) and in folder:
"\PLUGIN_SDK_STORE\Plugin\plugin_Cranes_VC2010_sou rces\Plugin Setup Files"

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