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TRNG Updater
(Released: 07 April 2017)

See the update functions in NG Center and TRNG Patcher.

NG Center updater (CU-8):

- Fixed some dead links in trng websites
There were some dead links in secondary trng website: http://www.webalice/paolone2011/ng.htm
The links about "Lightnings and Binoculars (Sources) " and "Cutscenes and Demos - Binary, playable demo" were dead.
In demo collection has been added the link to download the new Frog Man moveable with fixed collision boxes.

- Fixed bug in NGLE program about [P] button of Set Trigger Type window
In previous release, clicking on [P] button of "Trigger's Remark" row, there was a crash if currently the selected trigger was not a trng trigger (flipeffect/action/condition)

- Fixed output for Trigger's Help button
In previous version, in the trigger's help, showed clicking on [Trigger's Help] button, there was some internal markers like: "#START_DOC# and "#END_DOC#"

- Fixed the description of TCMD_SET_EXTRA_TIMER constant in NG_Center's reference panel
In previous versions, the first example about usage of TCMD_SET_EXTRA_TIMER script command was wrong. It was not working since the trigger used in the example was not correct to realize the wished target.

- Added new triggergroup TCMD_ command
It has been added the TCMD_TIMER_FIELD command.
This command is different than other commands like "TCMD_SET_FULL_TIMER" or "TCMD_SET_EXTRA_TIMER".
Indeed, while these two commands change the value of an ARGUMENT of next trigger in triggergroup sequence, the TCMD_TIMER_FIELD presets the number of seconds for all (following) triggers in triggergroup sequence.
Anyway, most important difference, is that, with TCMD_TIMER_FIELD command, you can set a number of seconds in the range -1029 / + 1029 seconds (more than 18 minutes), while with TCMD_SET_EXTRA_TIMER command, the range is only of -64 / + 63 seconds.
Read the TCMD_SET_EXTRA_TIMER description in NG_Center's reference panel for more infos.

- Fixed bug about Trigger's Help
In previous version, when the text in "#START_DOC#", "#END_DOC#" pair, had a length greater than 512 characters, there was a crash in tomb4 when it was enabled DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS diagnostic type, because tomb4 was not able to manage the size of DOC documentation linked with trigger's description.

TRNG Patcher updater (PU-8):

- Fixed bug in trng_installer program
In previous update (the PU-7 update), the trng_installer program required the Comctl32.ocx activeX object.
On some operative system (like WindowsXp) the program was not able to run until a manual installation of Comctl32.ocx activeX occurred.

- Fixed bug about remind for updating
In previous versions, when Trng Patcher detected a long time (about 30 days) without checking for on-line updates, it reminds to check using a message box.
The bug was that, in spite user checked for updates, the remind was yet present, only because no update was yet available.

- Added FITEM_ flag for moveable flags in StrItemTr4 structure.
In previous versions, the flag with value 0x10 (16 decimal) had a not sure meaning.
Now (thanks to AkvY) it has been discovered its real meaning: it will be set when enemy has just been hit with weapons (but not grenade)
To preserve backward compatibility, the old FITEM_FLAG_10 flag it has been let, but it has been added the new flag (with same 0x10 value): FITEM_ITEM_HAS_BEEN_HIT (or enumFITEM.ITEM_HAS_BEEN_HIT auto enumerator).
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