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I voted "I mostly Liked it" and I'll explain my opinion but to note, it's been months since I've played it - was waiting for whatever was coming next before I played again.

To me, the story and tombs are way better than Tomb Raider and Rise put together. My first playthrough settings were combat - easy (I don't care for the combat in the reboot), tombs and exploration - hard. This was a big plus point that you could tailor the game to your own preference.

Plot - I know that there are plot holes but I looked past it. The best has to be the flash back. I'm not going to go into detail in case others may not have played it yet, but I did not see that coming. I loved it.

I also loved that they didn't fully go into detail about the end of Trinity. I know that they missed a step but I'm just glad they're finally gone and it's over. I mean, could Lara, just one person take out all of Trinity on her own? At least the Yaaxil helped Lara, had a role.

The biggest plot flaw is Jonah. He spoils it for me, his involvement is he joins her, something goes wrong with him, Lara has to do something to make him better or make him happy. At the tsunami scene, he starts yelling at Lara to stop being selfish, he wants to stay and help these people. Firstly Jonah, it is important that Lara goes to stop Dominguez. They don't need two strangers to stay and help them. Jonah yells at her "You're the only one who can what?" Well Lara is the only one who can save the world in this universe, the only one who can raid tombs. So him yelling at her is a waste of time. Lara should have just left him and gone on. At the oil fields scene, oh gosh, don't get me started, so I'll try and be brief. Jonah was never going to be dead. I could only hope. I could not believe that Lara would believe an enemy when he said that Jonah was dead. Never do this Lara!! Enemies will always try and get under your skin by telling you things that they think will upset you. Though, Lara did look cool wrestling with that guy on the shore. She looked in control.

The second flaw to me is the recycled plot points- saving a village again, Paititi or the Geothermal Valley. Lara loosing her weapons again, but thankfully not for long. It was better approached this time.

The third flaw is that Lara's expertise is in Asian history/ Archaeology. How does she have so much knowledge in not only Inca history but Russian/ Mongolian history?

Tombs - The tombs though were great - not as great as they could be. They felt historic and untouched. I still found them easy, even on the hardest setting but there were a few that made me stop and think. I can't remember the details but I know that I was happier with this aspect.

Graphics - The game itself looks gorgeous, colourful, vibrant and just wonderful.

Locations - The locations in the story and off the path were better this time around. San Juan is my favourite of all the locations, especially the story puzzles. Paititi was alright but I can see why others say that it was boring and empty.

The outfits - The best ones were not the tribal and strong combat ones. They were in fact the Croft Edition outfits and base outfit with variations. But I simply chose to not wear the tribal ones so I ignore those. It is a shame that there are so many of them however. The Vestige items were an interesting addition but I didn't like them much and I didn't wear them.

Collectibles - There are still way too many. The relics are cool though, fitting to the location and more fitting to the idea of Tomb Raider. Shame we can't do anything with the relics/ Docs like we did in Blood Ties.

Languages - I still love this feature. Just a shame that we can't learn with her. Still, how many languages does she know now? On a speaking languages basis, it was great to add the immersion feature in game but I didn't switch it on. It's daft how the Paititians (and even characters in Rise too) knew how to speak English or Lara knowing how to speak the Maya language. They're supposed to be a hidden and enclosed city, no doubt having their own language. This is why it's not great adding lots of characters in Tomb Raider games.

Lara - Well I don't really like Reboot Lara but I just took her as the character in the game that I had to have as the playable character. She's still clumsy in tombs, she's gullible (see the comment in the plot section), she still talks too much and is too over emotional.

Other Characters - Egh, not bad. Abby did me a great deed in taking Jonah off me. No one really stands out.

Features - I really liked how much the repelling up and down added to gameplay. Oh and the walking on the underneath of jutted out rocks. Yes, that was great. Not something I see Lara doing but it was fun. There was a thing- a stealth takedown - where Lara would wrap herself around an enemy and kill him. It's clever that Lara covers herself in mud, but I rarely did it because I'm not into stealth. Hm, well I don't like the survivor aspect at all! The skill tree featured a lot of things that I saw as not Lara, all the stealth. I think it's time to move on from a skill tree. It's tired, repeated perks and it's stuff that Lara should know by now.

DLC - Yeah, not bad. They got better as they went on. Outfits were not great. The stories didn't stand out too much, except for the Nightmare. The Path Home was the best, looked gorgeous, puzzles were great, traps were better. One big negative was in the first one with Abby. Who else didn't know before hand that you can use lemon juice and heat as a secret ink? Lara telling me as if I was dumb and Lara was smart. Thank goodness they didn't add in another Endurance mode.

Iconography - Loved it.

Sounds/ Music - So much better than Rise or Tomb Raider. Rise's music was very dreary and sounded like moaning. Shadow is much more lively and it actually fits with the locations. More unique and memorable. It's a shame that SE or EM didn't include the San Juan track as part of the downloads because that and Lara's Dream was my favourite.

Overall, I want to replay this game, which is more than what I can say about the previous two.
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