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Originally Posted by Joshorty View Post
I don't mind 30fps at all, it's the closest cinematic filmic frame rate for video games.
They're games, not movies. You don't watch them, you control them. Higher frame rates provide much better reaction times and less input lag. Plus animations look much better at higher frame rates.

Originally Posted by Joshorty View Post
But since the advent of 60fps, anything lower is considered a "sin" when I think it looks fantastic.
60 FPS has been a thing since the dawn of video games. NES games already ran at 60 FPS and a huge part of the PS2's library runs at 60. It wasn't until the Xbox 360 and PS3 that developers started prioritizing resolution over frame rate. 30 FPS is a compromise, not a purposefully made decision to make games look "more cinematic". If developers really wanted to make games look "more cinematic", then they would lock them at 24 FPS, which is the frame rate that films run at. But whenever possible, frame rates are pushed to 60 FPS or even higher because it makes games look and play better.

Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
This doesn't make sense, considering the game can run at any FPS on PC
It's possible that minor background stuff like leaves that fly around are still effected by the frame rate. That certainly happens in other games. But considering that 60 FPS was an option even on consoles (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X) since release, it's possible that the leaves have the "correct" speed at 60 FPS and that they fly too slow at 30.
Is joke! Or is?

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