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Default Creating Cutscenes

Creating Cutscenes
By Titak

A cutscene is basically some animating objects (with or without Lara) and a flyby sequence showing the action.

If you want a cutscene with Lara in it, you'll most likely have to create some animations for her.
This depends ofcourse on what you want Lara to do during the cutscene.
Keep in mind that it does take time and patience to create a cutscene with long and natural looking animations.
So you'll have to make up your mind before you start working on the cutscene and its animations.
It is best to start with a short one, just to see if you can make it work and if you manage to make it look good.

This tutorial will show you different ways of setting up a cutscene.
It will NOT tell you how to create custom animations for Lara!
If you want some info on how to create animations for Lara, you can check my Creating custom animations tutorial.

Below are some of the ways in which a cutscene can be setup. Each setup features Lara.
I'm sure you can also setup cutscenes in other ways. Just use you imagination and knowledge of the TRLE to come up with your own setup.

1. Lara in an animation object slot
2. When inserting a puzzlepiece
3. A seperate TR4
4. TREP - Flipeffect Editor
5. TRNG - Force animation flipeffects

It is important that you disable Lara control while she does the cutscene animation(s). This should be done with every setup!
Otherwise it can ruin your cutscene if players start moving your Lara around.
Disabling Lara control can be done with the flyby camera settings (press the buttons 9 and 10 in the OCB of the first camera) and by giving the cutscene animation(s) StateID 89.

So... there are different ways to create a cutscene. Once you have decided which type you want to use you can start setting up the rooms, flyby's, other objects and ofcourse the animation. Choose whatever setup fits your situation best.
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