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2. When inserting a puzzlepiece

Lara has 444 animations. But that's not the limit. You can add more animations to the Lara object. Let's say you have added a new animation which has number 445.
You can "trigger" this animation when you put -445 in the OCB of a puzzlehole. Lara will then play that animation without first doing the standard "put puzzle item into puzzle hole" animation. (So if you want to have Lara do that animation first you need to put that at the beginning of your cutscene animation.)

The advantage of this type of cutscene is that Lara will have joints and that she will have her moving ponytail, which makes the whole thing look more natural.

A drawback is that the cutscene(s) can't be too long because all those extra animation frames can cause a level to crash. I had this happening after I had created a 1600+ frames animation for Lara and a 1000+ frame animation for an object. Both for a cutscene at the end of a level.

Here's an example of a short cutscene (animation) "triggered" with a puzzlehole.

If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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