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3. A seperate TR4

If the cutscene will be very long it is best to create a seperate **.tr4 which will only be the cutscene. It won't be playable.

In this case you need to edit Lara's animation 11. This is Lara's default animation and each time a level loads she will start with animation 11.
So if you edit this animation she will start her cutscene animation the moment the level loads. So you don't have to "trigger" the animation in any way.

Since it is a seperate **.tr4, you'll have to add it to your script like you would do for any other level.
So if you want to "trigger" this type of cutscene, you'll have to place a "finishtrigger" leading to this cutscene **.tr4 in your level.
If the cutscene **.tr4 is the first one in the script, it will play when you start the game from the New Game menu.

Here's an example of a "seperate TR4" type cutscene.
As with the "puzzlehole" type cutscene Lara will have her joints and moving ponytail.

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