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5. TRNG - Force animation flipeffects

TRNG has a whole lot of new flipeffect triggers which also include several Lara Animation related ones.

Below is a screenshot showing the list of Lara animation related flipeffects in light yellow.

You can combine them with other TRNG triggers, like you could transport Lara instantly into a copy of the "real" room to the "cutscene" room by using the "Move Lara in LARA_START_POS with <&> OCB value in (E) way" to make sure Lara is positioned in the correct direction before the cutscene animation starts. (moving her back into the "real" room at the end of the cutscene )
And you can use a flipeffect for adding an inventory item to Lara's inventory if she picks up an item during the cutscene, or...
There are so many possiblilities with TRNG, so use your imagination to make whatever you want to happen during the cutscene happen.
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