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Hi, Unfortunately the UPV does not work in the Jungle level, as it crashes when Lara tries to get on it, no mater where you place the UPV. There must be a sub-program of an other item within the Jungle level, that affects the UPV program that causes it to crash, as many other TR3 levels work fine with the UPV.

Coastal village UPV demo...
Here is a Coastal village level UPV demo I made, and it works OK.

Note that any water or quicksand on the ground sucks the UPV from the skies, no matter how high up Lara is. So I have removed most of the water and all of the quicksand. I call it the 'vortex effect', as Lara gets sucked down into a vortex, he he ....

If you do get sucked down into the water just get to the edge and maneuver your way out of the water.

UPV is found here near the hut, after your swim in from the start ....

Download Shore UPV demo....
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