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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
- When Lara talks, you can actually see her moving her mouth accordingly.

- When you get to San Juan, instead of going with Abby, just stay with Jonah and you'll get to see how he gets the Stations of the Cross pamphlet.

- If you stay with Jonah and Abby after you meet her, they talk about him being single, Abby being a pilot and wanting to travel more, football and rugby, and tattoos.

- There are (at least) 2 instances in the game where Jonah was actually right about their research and Lara acts dismissive. One when he tells her through the radio that he's talking tattoos with Uchu and Unuratu's might be linked to the Silver Box. She says: "I don't think so". The other one is when he tells her he found a pamphlet. She laughs and says "Who knows? Maybe it'll help..."
I love when they’re talking after the crash and she asks him if he would rather be in a bar flirting with some girl and then... we know what happens
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