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Originally Posted by perryloo View Post
I was wondering why you wanted it LOL.
Did not know Jean Yves was originally intended. Learn something new all the time.

Actually as you only see the model from a great height during the animation, it would have been far simpler just to texture the original green shirt guy to a white shirt, and change his hair to brown, to look like Jean Yves from a distance, but that would have been the easy but not very accurate solution.

TRC is not the easiest game to mod, as a lot of Tomb raider modding tools do not work with TRC. For instance TRviewer for animation modding does not work, it is only for TR1 to TR4.

How it was done, well we needed the first pose animation of the green guy, holding his hand up at a bookshelf, but change the model to look like Jean Yves. There are far easy ways to do this on TR1 to TR4 as there are more tools available, but with TRC I needed to do a three step process to get it to work. Anyway glad your sorted
Ah I see, thank you for taking the more authentic route of changing his model instead of retexturing him

The thing is Charles Kane was a last minute replacement for Jean-Yves because Core wanted to avoid a potential lawsuit from the real-life French archaeologist, who's also called Jean-Yves. But a beta version of the game which has Jean-Yves in it, somehow got released by mistake. In the beta version - you can see Jean-Yves on the title menu and in a number of FMVs.

Also in the TRC retail version - if you look at the storyboards found in special features, you'll see where Jean-Yves' name is redacted.
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