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Originally Posted by KyleCroft View Post
Oh my god.
I'm curious to know if any of you fans feel frustrated without having the chance to play with the original version of it. However I'm not sure if Dustie's level file of the E3 1998 level has a replica of the whole environment. And I think it'll take a long time to try to convert his level file from TR4'S game engine to the upgraded version of TR2'S game engine with the same animations just like the original version of the E3 1998 version of TR3 had. That's why I'm curious if any of you people feel who are frustrated without it besides me?

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Yes, I'm gagging to play the Peru/very different version of Coastal Village
That's very amazing to see this particular environment build combined with the coastal village level in that one whole level file especially with the blue and white boat that could be accessible for us to use as well besides seeing it in trailers and commercials of it. And it's always better for these types of discs to stay in the cleanest brand new condition if there's a last one of any of them. Otherwise we'll end up grieving without having the chance to play with all of the early versions of games as much as that'll be unfair to us with these types of dramatic situations.

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