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Originally Posted by Mutant Messiah View Post

4. I guess too many set-pieces. I'm just starting and there are already two prison break sequences. I mean, the melee is basic. Better than Lara's but aren't that great. Just spam the punch button and press triangle to break free when there's a melee lock.
Uncharted in a nutshell, and reboot tries to be like this... tho SoTR took a step back , I think.

5. I don't know why some people complain on Shadow's climbing mechanics, but this game has too much climbing too.
This is new to me, since I never seen anyone to complain about climbing.
About it's scripted ways, yes.

7. Too much hallway walking simulation sequences.
An another example, why reboot gets compared to UC.

8. Not enough exploration for a game that flaunts its graphics. It's more of a picturesque horizon that you necessarily can't go to. Kinda like Rise's Syria level, but bigger.
This, I agree.
Libertalia supposed be this big rich city, founded by pirates. Yet, what you can see from it, is limited to mini arenas to either figure out your way, or fight Shoreline.What we can see from it, is really good looking, but it makes me want to look around, but I can't. Good example the market district.

9. I don't really know what Drake can do if he's chased by Jaguars from the TR reboot. I seriously don't know if the control pad can save me. I'm so used to the well mapped buttons on my mouse plus keyboard on PC. The one reason why I haven't died so many times yet is because the cover mechanics is saving my @$$ while waiting to heal. I don't know if my enemies will throw grenades at me, but so far, they have not done that yet.
Well, good thing for you, there are no animals (not killable ones) in the UC universe...besides the spiders in UC 3.
Also, they should throw grenades since the auction house level... also, soon there should be armored ones with shotguns/miniguns too.

10. If PS4 has a mouse and keyboard, this game will be so much easier. It already is on NORMAL difficulty.
This seems to be your personal refernce, because me and many others had managed just fine with the PS4 controller...

11. I tried attaching the PS4 controller to my laptop to see if I can survive the Jaguar on Rise, and I could barely survive that thing.
Okay...? What the lynx has to do with UC4?

13. Currently at level 6, and throughout the whole stretch, there's only ONE PUZZLE I had to solve. That's the part where Nathan had to get that crucifix figure from the wall. And that even wasn't hard of a puzzle. It's just there. Not hard by Tomb Raider standards.
UC was never a puzzle oriented franchise, but I do think it could have carry a bit more of the puzzles. At the end of the day, they are good for what they are.
At least Lost Legacy made up for it, on that department.

14. Story is easy to understand even if I haven't played the other Uncharted games.
No surprise here... this wasn't a three game long "origin story".

19. I'm not sure if I would explore the entire Naughty Dog game selection if Uncharted 4 is any indication. The lengthy cutscenes is turning me off, though at the mean time, I don't wanna skip because I wanna understand the story.
This is a bit silly to say...
Crash Bandicoot is a platforming based game, it is fun even as an adult.
TLoU is a survival horror game, with a very few similarities to the mechanics of UC.

All in all, you shouldn't judge their portfolio by one game in one genre...
According to Lara_Fan1, I'm a dick for pointing out for their toxic behaviour.

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