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Default How to preserve edited normals in Metasequoia?

When i edit normals in Metasequoia they are lost as soon as i save wad in wadmerger. So is there a way how to preserve them?

Just so you know i edited Lara's meshes. When TR2 Lara meshes are converted into wad, some triangulated faces are converted into quads and overall mesh lost its settings of normals from original TR2 ones. So i exported TR2 Lara's mesh from TRViewer, i exported mesh from StrPix, both i imported in Meta, i triangulated faces that should be triangulated and i compared normals and fixed them for every vertexes. So don't tell me i have to do it all over again after saving in Wadmerger

(note: Exporting TR2 mesh from TRViewer to Meta and simply saving it and importing it in StrPix doesn't work - the result is flat-shaded faces)

Using NGLE
Metasequoia 4

Thank you
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