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Originally Posted by Titak View Post
It is always like that. Normals get messed up when reimporting a mesh after editing.

It will be the same when you edit the normals manually in Meta after exporting the normals.mqo with EditWad.
Those edits will be lost once you export the mesh again with STRpix.

When you said setting normals manually I thought you meant editing them in Meta.
I don't call the STRPix ways of recalculating normals a manual procedure. That's why.
Misunderstanding there.
I meant editing them in meta. I don't call StrPix ways of recalculating normals a manual procedure either

It's a shame that the settings are lost... But what can i do. Thank you anyway

Editing them manually is superior to those functions in STRPix though. STRPix does a good job in general, but some things don't get calculated correctly, liek on double-sided faces for example.
It's a tedious job to adjust them manually though...
Yes It's not fun at all to edit them manually. But since i want the same normals as in TR2 i have to do it becase the StrPix methods provide completely different results from TR2.
Pardon me if that was just your way of trying the doors for me.

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