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Originally Posted by Titak View Post
So you have been editing them using that normals.mqo you can export with EditWad?

Anyway, this is the reason why I do not edit the normals until an outfit is 100% done when it comes to shaping the meshes.
Yes i understand and generally it is a good idea to do it when the outfit is 100% done but i am using TR2 Lara for this so my outfit is done

And i tried to export a mesh with editwad as a .mqo and you are right that there were some normals but not the ones that are in meta. And i need to edit the meta ones. I will use very proffesional language now - the simple lines And editwad created some normals with squares at the end

The thing is that the "meta" normals are calculated for every vertex of every face (triangle or quad). So it looks like this:

(on the right is TR2 mesh12 (Lara's forearm) exported from TRViewer as .3ds and on the left is also TR2 mesh12 but copied from Wall.tr2 to wad and exported from StrPix to .mqo)
And what i do is copying normals from every corner of every face (in this case triangles) of the TR2 mesh to my mesh. And also i have to triangulate the quads again. Fun so every corner of the mesh has at least 3 normals.

But the "editwad" normals are only single lines (i don't have a clue what they represent).

Edit: And the reason that the left mesh has visibly "less" normals is not true. They are simply overlapping themselfs.
Pardon me if that was just your way of trying the doors for me.

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