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I can confirm it still works too, I was worried it'd end up screwing up on me, Securom is very good. It must just be my PC that is at fault for the longer disk check because it seems to just be getting faster and faster via this Virtual CD method.

Now I'm going to throw some more info here in hope someone in the future might see it and know their stuff!

Someone managed to find for me the original Polish version EXE of TRL. It's named TRL12.exe I've been after this because only a year ago was a Polish NOCD version made, hoping some Hex comparing might help me with my version

Ofcourse I can't win. The EXE on this guy's original disk is ALREADY bypassed/Securom removed. It loaded my game instantly without a cd check, and it's also 4mb smaller than the cracked version. Why did they crack it then...there was no point. Unless there is ANOTHER, unmentioned on the deep web Polish version of TRL.
It also comes with a second, 72kb (yes, Kilobyte) trl.exe file. which seems to act as a shortcut to any file in the same folder named TRL12.exe, must be that exact name too or nothing boots.
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