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Finished the second one and quite liked it, not that big of a fan of some of the shootouts which go on for way to long (although 3 tops that complaint) and some of the platforming just felt off. And that's not including the time I litterly gotten stuck between platforms, inside a couple walls and the entire console crash that happend.

Storywise I enjoyed it alot, but still not entirely happy with how it went along. The entire beginning flashback could have been skipped honestly and the narative could have been told chronologically from beginning to end. Yes it did make it a bit of a suprise to see Nathan wounded, but it didn't do jack to either the story or the character. Neither did the other characters really do anything for me SPOILER > Chloe was fun but the constant switching of good/evil was bloody annoying, Harry was an annoying twat who unsuprisingly turns out to be a backstabber and Lazarevic, holy hell talk about cliché! < SPOILER I mean compare him to the likes of Katherine Marlowe who you just want to pop a bullet in the head at the end of the game. Also, anyone else noticed how scarely similar the story of this game and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor?

Now I also have to touch upon another thing, but did Naughty Dog just take all names and locations of this game, and put a whole bunch of other other names/locations on a dartbord and just threw a few darts to make a new story for the third one? Because damn are they similar
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