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He's so not my choice that get this: maybe Lara Croft should get her double guns. He's such a balls to the walls choice that will make the film niche anyway that they may as well give the double guns because this film is clearly not designed to be a blockbuster so if they keep the budget low at 60M or so, it really only needs to make 200M.

But he is so out there I hope MGM realised their mistake from Fede Álvarez as MGM made Girl in the Spiders web and it's clear they hired him for this crazy style of film making but handicapped it with tons of studio notes so it just kind of seemed bland gothic. Wheatley is so in that camp that they better just go full Wheatley for better or worse because I do not want a bizarre but bland film.

Damn it Warner Brothers, you couldn't have just called up Patty J!

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